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And the winner of the giveaway is *drum roll……..!!! I’ll be messaging you shortly!

Lotus Pendants with labradorite! Can’t get enough of this stone and love making these. You can pick up your every own HERE

A nice and simple labradorite pendant! You can get your very own HERE!

This was a fun little experiment! This is a Ebony bird skull with labradorite crown setting pendant! Due to the stone setting I had to sort out a new way to loop the chain through the piece. I have a ton of ideas relating to this style for pendant and weights! If any of yall would be interested in receiving a similar raven skull setup like this piece I have a listing set up HERE

And as always I’m suuper open for custom requests for other skull structures and stone combos.

Here’s a pair of Delrin teardrops with brass edge I’ve been playing with! Shiny stuff! This particular 7/8” is up for grabs HERE

And I can do any size 5/8” and up HERE

I’ve been reeally loving delrin as a backing material these days and I’m adding it as an optional substitute for Ebony in pretty well all my designs. It is super durable, shines up real nice, and very comfortable!

Bones R with some big’ol Bloodwood and brass lotus and opalite plugs!!

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These are too pretty thanks so much oaksplugs

Aaaamazing! Thank you!


TUMBLR! It’s sale and giveaway time! Check out my new site and use discount code ‘OAKS15’ to get 15% off your entire order! If you’ve been wanting some Oaks jewellery the time is now!
Be sure to checkout the giveaway info to know how to win free stuff!

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Vanessa with some flashy lab crown settings!
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0g Ebony plugs with Labradorite inlay! I would gladly work this type of stone all day everyday.