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Did you know that the metal inlays in the plugs can be easily made into pendants? Including crown settings like this silver piece with labradorite! Pick up you very own HERE!! (Any stone I have in stock can be used!)

3” Jain Swastika Lotus plugs with purple fluorite window setting. A very complicated pair for a awesome client! I’d like people to keep an open mind when it comes to this symbol and to know that it has only positive meanings in this form.

Ooow this Garnet CZ gives me shivers! Here’s some crown settings on ebony teardrops! The smaller pair here is the winners prize from facebook the giveaway! and the bigger is a 7/8” pair up for grabs HERE

I have plenty of this material in stock and you can grab up a pair for your self HERE

A pair of 32mm Brass lotus plugs with a neet-o chrysoprase druzzy heading out the door! Had a lot of pun with this pair! You can pick up a pair for yourself HERE
Blood wood teardrops with leaf carvings!A nice and simple style available here——>
Witchy Set featuring Moonstone copper form and amethyst druzy! I have a big chuck of rough faced Amethyst in so I’ve put up THIS style once more!!
A pretty pile heading off to NinjaFlower Wellington. Rad shop! Rad people! Show them some love!!
30mm Ebony Plugs with Nephrite jade copper forms!

Today’s the last day of the 25% off SALE!!!! Get some while it’s hot!

Fun 3/4” and 00g family!!