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A spooky black set heading out the door featuring Ebony, Obsidian, silver and some Delrin pegs!

Check out my FACEBOOK for some more info!- Etsy Shop - Big Cartel

This was a fun project! These are 27mm Ebony plugs with some faceted clear CZ inlays in silver. Blingbling!

A pair of 3/4” and 5/8” Plugs with brass lotus and chysoprase inlays fresh out of the workshop! I simplified the design a bit and found I can go right down to 00g with this setup! The small 5/8” pair on black and white ebony is up for grabs HERE. And you can pick up a pair at another size HERE


Yesterday I received my beautiful 38mm plugs from oaksplugs and I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Awesome clients are awesome!

Some sparkly 1”1/4 Ebony teardrops with Amethyst druzzy crown settings! You can pick up your very own pair HERE!

And the winner of the giveaway is *drum roll……..!!! I’ll be messaging you shortly!

Lotus Pendants with labradorite! Can’t get enough of this stone and love making these. You can pick up your every own HERE

A nice and simple labradorite pendant! You can get your very own HERE!

This was a fun little experiment! This is a Ebony bird skull with labradorite crown setting pendant! Due to the stone setting I had to sort out a new way to loop the chain through the piece. I have a ton of ideas relating to this style for pendant and weights! If any of yall would be interested in receiving a similar raven skull setup like this piece I have a listing set up HERE

And as always I’m suuper open for custom requests for other skull structures and stone combos.