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Erika  Sporting some flashy labradorite pieces!
I never get tired of working labradorite. You really have to see this stone in person to get the full experience of how mind blowing it can be. Here’s some 1”1/2 Ebony teardrops with blue flash heading out the door.

Pink! And lots of it in this pair! These are 1”1/4 Pink Ivory teardrops with Pink CZ set in with copper!! And they are up for grabs HERE

Also! I had a blast carving the filigree in this pair and it made me realize I want way more carving practice! So from now until the 15th I’ll be having a 20% sale off any piece that heavily involves intricate carvings. This includes Skull pendants, pieces like this pink ivory pair, Lotus carvings (Like THESE) And any carving related pieces you can come up with for me to try. If your interested message me on my facebook page FIRST so I can go over the details and add the discount!

This pair of 1” Ebony teardrops with very flashy labradorite if up for grabs! (Which means no wait time) After purchase it’s out the door. I have a few ready-made/discounted pieces up for grabs these days that I’ll post this week! So keep an eye out! The pair can be picked up HERE

This specific pair of 37mm (Juuust below 1”1/2) Ebony plugs with Nephrite jade copper forms has been discounted and is up for grabs HERE
Some pairs out the door!
A nice set heading over the pond to an awesome customer featuring some Nephrite jade and ammonites! You can pick up your very own pair here: Jade brass frame settings Corrugated Brass with Jade cabs Bloodwood teardrops with Ammonite crown setting

TUMBLR! I’m sorry, I’ve been ignoring you and mainly posting on my facebook page. Many new things these days! I moved the workshop into a slick loft downtown here, I’ve gathered the materials to start metal casting finally, and I’m working on my tan! I have some nifty new designs in the works that are keeping my hand real busy. More to come!


Some beautiful plugs from oaksplugs came in the mail just in time for one of my best friend’s weddings.

38mm Ebony Teardrops with Amethyst Sage Chalcedony inlays paired with 0g Jasper Agate plugs from saintsabrinas in Minneapolis.

So stoked!

Yeees!! Lookin good!

1”5/8 Olive wood teardrops with Labradorite Crown settings!! An especially golden cut of the stone in this pair! This is officially the last pair made in my old workshop! That old spare room in this house has served me well and will be missed.. Time to upgrade!!